Best Tips for Flower Arranging and Care - Preserving a Bouquet.

Field Bouquets arrive at your door expertly styled, with fresh flowers cut to the perfect length for a floral artist, quality look. You can extend the feeling of nature in your home for weeks, by restyling your older stems.


After nearly two weeks, I noticed that my bouquet had a remarkable amount of greenery and flowers still blooming! As someone sharing their home on Instagram, it was such a value to have a bit of life in my photos, for nearly a month-- from one bouquet!

Tips for restyling your Field Bouquet:

I first fill up my kitchen sink with warm water. I snip all the stems one inch and place them in the sink for a nice, rejuvenating bath. Warm water is quickly absorbed and is used to help wilted flowers bounce back to their youthful beauty. I’ve had great luck bringing back weathered stems and less than perky flowers with this method.

I then trim off any crunchy blooms or leaves and ditch any stems that don’t come back to life. Be sure to remove any foliage that will dip below the water line in your new vases.

Your Field Bouquet comes with the ideal sized vase for the original arrangement. When making new bouquets from older arrangements, select shorter vases with more narrow mouths. I often will split the flowers into a few vases of mixed material and sizes. In this case I used a wide bellied, brass vase and chinoiserie, ginger jar. 

When building your arrangement, cross stems and cut varying lengths with tallest greenery placed in back. I usually create a symmetrical look from left to right, for a visually appealing bouquet.

To add interest and height, stack your newly styled bouquets on a couple books. Smaller arrangements look lovely placed on the edge of the kitchen sink. Or think about bringing a bit of beauty into a powder room or tuck a vase on a bookshelf, next to your books and decorative objects. 

By: Ruthie Jackson


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