Creating a Thanksgiving Tablescape with Fresh Florals and Décor You Already Own

Take the guesswork out of decorating for the seasons with fresh florals from FieldBouquet. Delivered right to your door, arrangements from FieldBouquet will be the highlight of your tablescape, while enhancing the look of your seasonal décor.   

 I love decorating for different holidays, but all that seasonal décor can start to add up—both financially and on the shelves in our storage room! A few years ago, I decided to try decorating with items that “feel” like the season, instead of specifically “looking” like the season. I want my home to be beautiful and thoughtful…not like it has a theme. This allows me to use pieces that I already own, instead of giving into the pressure of always buying new. 

When I start to daydream about a new tablescape design, I normally walk through our house scouting decorative pieces I can gather to create the perfect look. I also have a stash of décor that I “shop” for different seasons and occasions. For Fall and Thanksgiving, this means warm colors, brass, luxurious textures, natural elements, candles, and…sometimes…the occasional pumpkin. 

One trick to having décor that can serve lots of different purposes is creating a color palette for your home. It doesn’t have to be exact, and your decorations and accessories don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but when they all kind of live in a complementary color palette, you can easily switch them in and out, in different areas of your home or for different uses. 

No tablescape is complete, of course, without a beautiful floral bouquet. I love to use the florals as the focal point of the table design, surrounding them with decorative elements to create a fully seasonal look. FieldBouquet makes this whole process so easy by delivering hand-picked and professionally designed fresh floral bouquets right to your door! The holidays and hosting are stressful enough, so having your floral arrangements taken care of is a great way to check something off your to-do list! I’m thankful for anything that makes my life easier. 

Whether designing a table for everyday or a sit-down meal, the size and scale of your decorations do matter. When I decorate my table for the everyday, it’s ok to have a larger and more elaborate display, since I don’t have to move it at all. When designing a tablescape for a meal, if I know certain elements will need to be moved when people are seated, I will take note of that, making sure that they’re easy to shift on and off the table. I love that FieldBouquet offers different sized bouquets, depending on your needs and budget. This is such a great option, especially for tablescapes, because you can get the height that you need and that will work best for your design.

Once you have the décor that you want to use for your tablescape design, it’s time to play! The first step is deciding which table runner to use to anchor the décor and accessories. Our table is very narrow (by design), so I’m careful not to get table runners that are too wide. Otherwise, they cover almost the whole table and we run out of space for table settings. Plus, I love the look of the barn boards that our table is made of, so I don’t want to have it all covered up! The runner also gives me an idea of how much space I will be filling with décor and my floral arrangements. 

The next step is getting the largest or tallest piece into place. This focal point is almost always a floral arrangement, so I want it to be front and center with top billing! By placing the flowers first, I’m also able to build off them, to create the design “triangle”. They will be the largest and tallest element, and all the other décor that will be added will guide the eye downward and out—like a triangle. This is a simple (and pleasing to the eye) trick to decorate almost anything! You can use it for styling shelves, tabletops, even hanging art as part of a gallery wall! Of course, if you decide that you want smaller bouquets as a part of your tablescape, you can weave those in throughout the design, rather than having one large arrangement in the center. 

After your FieldBouquet and décor is all in place, take a step back (or better yet, snap a picture), to see how you like everything. I almost never settle on a design after my first try…or second or third. Designing a tablescape, whether it’s for a holiday like Thanksgiving, or just for the everyday, takes a bit of time and tweaking to get it just right. Sometimes I will even sit with a design for a while to see how it feels before I make any adjustments to it. 

For the two looks I created here—one for a sit-down meal and one for the everyday—I love having a variation in the colors of the arrangements from FieldBouquet. The bouquet for the everyday table is more muted with pastel roses, while the bouquet for a sit-down meal has deeper-toned roses, for a more dramatic look! I love the way they stand out against my dishes and flatware—such a luxurious feeling for a special Thanksgiving meal. 


Creating a beautiful Thanksgiving table, and seasonal decorating in general, does not have to cost a lot of money or require a bunch of themed decorations. Shopping your home, and the outdoors, for items that will add a rich, layered feeling, along with a hint of coziness, can go a long way in creating a beautiful tablescape. Once you gather the decorative elements, FieldBouquet will help you finish the look with the perfect flowers for your holiday get togethers! And, because I know you will be hooked after your first delivery, you can sign up for a personalized FieldBouquet subscription to keep the feeling going! 

By: Hilary Prall

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