How to Make a Flower Crown

Pieter Landman's
How to Make a Flower Crown

The kids are (finally!) back-in-school, so it's time to reclaim the crown of your castle!

For a fun activity (with or without the kids), we invite you to pick-up some roses (or your other favorite stems), invite some friends over for brunch, and follow Pieter's simple directions below to make a gorgeous flower crown that you can display as a centerpiece or wear as a crown as you reclaim your castle!

1. De-stem a bouquet of colorful roses.Colorful roses
2. Thread a thick needle with yarn through the base of each rose blossom.
Thread needle through base of rose blossom
3. Pull the yarn through, and repeat with the rest of the roses. 
Rose necklace
4. Pull the roses tightly together on your yarn, cutting the needle off at the end.
Tie rose strand together
5. Tie the ends of your rose strand together.Tie the rose strand together
6. You now have a flower crown! Style it any way you want, on your beautiful head, or even as a creative floral centerpiece on your table!
Rose Flower Crown by Pieter Landman of FieldBouquet
The flowers used for creation of this flower crown were grown in Rainforest Alliance Certified™ flower farms in Ecuador, where all of our beautiful curated boxed flowers are grown for boxed flower subscriptions. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more creative ways to style flowers and to stay connected for promotions if you're looking to send flowers, treat yourself to a flower subscription or shop for flower bouquets.

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