Meet FieldBouquet Creative Director, Pieter Landman

The FieldBouquet creative director, celebrity Dutch floral designer, Pieter Landman, was born and raised in the heart of the country’s magnificent tulip fields. Landman has been the creative vision behind international floral shows, royal palaces, society weddings, fashion shows and renowned sporting events including Wimbledon. He earned his masters degree in floral design and has spent his career owning a floral shop, developing products, merchandising and trend-watching. His televised masterclasses for florists, royalties and children alike have allowed him a global stage from which to spread his seeds of passion for floral design and appreciation.


“Since my early childhood when I would daydream in the bulb fields behind my home, I have kept my sights on all things that bloom,” said Landman. “For many years, I dreamt of being able to bring that feeling I experienced as a child among the tulips to others, regardless of where they are located or whether or not they have a large amount of expendable income. I’m beyond thrilled to announce that beautiful, unique, fresh flowers, pre-arranged with a modern, elegant, natural design technique we refer to as our “flower recipes,” are now affordably available throughout the US market through”

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