Rustic and Elegant Decor

If you could design your own ideal garden, what would be the most essential elements to include? We live in a city condo where we enjoy convenient amenities, but sacrifice having our own garden. I often think about if we had a garden, and I ask myself what would we grow and what would it look like? In my daydreaming, my garden would be both rustic and elegant – similar to my interiors preference. I adore a delicate, refined, and sophisticated style paired with a clean, simple, and natural design: where elegant and rustic meet.

Bonny with field bouquet

My garden would include my favorite flowers such as roses, peonies, eucalyptus, and schefflera, as well as my favorite herbs like thyme and rosemary. I’d have beautiful outside tables and chairs to enjoy a 5 p.m. aperetivo with lounge chairs to enjoy the sunshine or moonlight. I don’t have a green thumb, but I love learning new skills and would delight in growing and maintaining my own garden. Minus the bugs, of course! But that’s where gloves, proper attire, and insect repellant go a long way, I assure myself.

Bonny Bunson Fieldbouquet

When I’m not daydreaming about growing my own garden, I’m just as happy planning my next fresh bouquets to enjoy all over our tiny condo in the city. One of my current bouquets is filled with Calla, Craspedia, Limonium, Ranunculus, Daisy, Ecuador Rose, Scabiosa, Snapdragon, Bells of Ireland, Hypericum, Eucalyptus, Schefflera complimentary from Field Bouquet.

Picking and arranging flowers bring me so much joy even though the flowers aren’t from my own garden. No matter how “skillful” I might one day become in growing my own flowers and herbs, I’m also aware that planting is probably not one of my gifts. While I would thoroughly enjoy whatever I grew and be incredibly proud for doing so, realistically, I know I would still pick flowers from another garden and still order fresh blooms from around the world.

The fresh arrangement of blooms that adorns my living room is called Le Jardin de Fleurs (Garden of Flowers). When I was scrolling through all of the bouquet options I could order, I knew immediately this was the one I wanted. It reminds me of fresh picked flowers from my ideal garden. It includes 3 of my favorite flowers cut fresh from the farm and resonates with my personal style: elegant and rustic.

field flowers with Bonny

-By Bonny Bunson

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