Embrace the beauty of nature!

Imagine the feeling when you walk through a field full of fresh flowers. The scent that comes from the beautifully colored petals when you take a breath. This feeling of the nature can be brought to your home or office with our bouquets that are filled with freshly picked flowers from the field of our farm.

How it began

We love having flowers in our living room and at our office working space. It gives the extra touch of warmth, beauty and color that was needed. This is why we were ordering every other week flowers from our local florist. However, this was hard to keep up with as it was time and money consuming. We decided to arrange this better not just for ourselves, but also for you. We designed a vase that holds the specially tied bouquet best, so that there is no need or hassle to rearrange the bouquet. Beautiful field bouquets, freshly from our farm, easily to order for in your home or office.

Rainforest Alliance

We sell direct from the farm all our farms are Rainforest Alliance Certified™ that means we protect the environment, pay employees above-average wages, there is access to education and healthcare and we provide good working conditions.

The team

A team of flower lovers are making every week a new bouquet for you that is specially tied for our FieldBouquet vase. We love to amaze you every shipment with some unique flowers!