How it started

Pieter Landman is born and raised in the middle of the Dutch tulip fields.
Decorating international floral shows around the world, sports events like Wimbledon, royal palaces, society weddings, fashion shows, master-classes to florists as well to royalties and children and presenting television programs about floral designing are a few of the topics of his long list. “For a while I thought of bringing a fresh field bouquet, in which flowers will look modern with help of a new and different design technique”.

Rainforest Alliance

All of the farms that we work with are Rainforest Alliance Certified™ which means that we protect the environment, pay employees above-average wages, provide access to education and healthcare, and we also provide good working conditions.

The team

A team of flower lovers will make a new bouquet that is specially tied for our FieldBouquet vase every delivery. We look forward to amazing you with unique flowers every shipment!